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Things that move

Part two of my earlier set of posts about some really cool kinetic art that folks are making.

(August 2013)

Here’s a kinetic sculpture that unlike the previous work is minimal and simple – and yet it creates its own complexity. I like that its use of linear components creates images reminiscent of non-linear designs seen in, for example, cell division…

Kinetic Art – Dynamic Structure 29117 2007-2010 from Willem van Weeghel on Vimeo.

Then, something lighthearted and involving sound waves:

Floating Orchestra from Harvey & John on Vimeo.

And a graceful sculpture in a Singapore airport.

“Kinetic Rain” Changi Airport Singapore from ART+COM on Vimeo.

*The first post in this series is here

the work in progress

There I was, happily plugging along on a self-propelled spree of writing every day when Bam! out of the blue, the desire to consider my WIP returned.

It’s been a sporadic process, this project that’s morphed from one story into a very different one and I’m always uneasy when a hiatus hits. Very uneasy because it’s easy to think it’s gone for good.  Why I would think that isn’t exactly clear – there’s really no precedent, it’s not like I have a lot of experience either having such a project or having it up and fly away.

So, I’ve changed my trajectory since that last post in which I said I was writing some sort of fiction every day and I’m now back to working on the plotting of an eventual novel currently being referred to as GOTS.

Set in 1936-1937 San Francisco, I’m always happy to discover photos and snippets of the times.  Here’s one I found today.

Cover of the official program for the Golden Gate Bridge opening Fiesta

I had every intention of getting into a regular blogging “schedule,” provided of course that I had something to say, but I’ve also started a German intensive and that’s taking a tremendous amount of energy. My head feels stuffed every day and when I try to parse out scene ideas for the WIP or blog thoughts, I end up only with various verbs conjugating in the present perfect tense. Ich bin zum ein ‘different mental space’ gegangen!*

I’ve got a small but steady flow of academic papers to edit and am, of course, the one responsible for the basic family-upkeep.

Pity, because there’s lots I’d like to talk about and share with those of you who stop by.  I’ll keep trying to eek out moments to do that when I can.

* I  have gone to a different mental space.