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Welcome to Wander-Bird

I’m glad you’re here.

Though of course in truth, as I’m writing this, you’re not here.

So this is a time-capsule message written in the assumption that “the future” will arrive and you’ll unstopper the bottle or unscrew the lid of the metal cylinder and find the map of these overland, exploratory flights to be of interest.  Cool.  Welcome!

This blog has gone through a few variations and changes – everything from its title to its tagline has changed, the content wiped away and reinstated. This, it turns out, is part of the process for me – using a blog as a canvas on which I draft, paint, wipe away and start over with ideas in writing.  I like ideas. I like to try on new ones and old ones and mix and match and play with them, to juxtapose them, to find comfortable ones and really sparkly strange ones too.  Maybe they sometimes even match.

I’m not particularly interested in promoting myself as an expert of anything and doubt that I have anything to teach, though I do like to share.  I have nothing to sell.  Someday down the line, that may change but it won’t be an impersonal pitch, it’ll be a celebration.  I might actually become good at something, good enough to let the work earn its way in the world.  But for now, this is just a place to hold ideas up to the light and see how they shine and drape and find the ones that help me, and maybe you, become better at whatever it is we’re doing and have fun while we’re doing it.

Image source: found on flickr (credited to Kraftwerck), though this photographer might be the actual source…