Beauty in Motion

This lovely video* of Bob Potts’ work really showcases such delicacy of movement and grace. The soundtrack contributes to the mesmerizing effect, but I think the sculptures really stand on their own. In particular, the third one (at about 5 minutes) makes me want to hop on and fly into a lovely cloud-puffed sky.

*Shot and edited by Bryan Root, Motherlode Pictures, music by Peter Dodge.

There is, of course the design and engineering aspects to the sculptures (and I’d assume, a lot of prototypes!), but what is really moving about these literally moving pieces, is their graceful integrity.
Indeed, Mr. Potts, in a gracious letter to blogger, Daniel Busby, wrote, “I do tinker away and come up with ideas. I make stick models to work out geometry. No high powered CAD programs here. Much of the time what I start out with is much different then the results. It is very rewarding to see a piece grow and evolve. I am looking for the gracefulness that surrounds us, I use the talents I have to try and bring it forth.

A second video showcases those talents:

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2 thoughts on “Beauty in Motion

  1. Thank you for re-posting these! Believe it or not, I kept the original posts in my Inbox all summer because I am just so busy–but wanted to watch them.
    Now on this quiet winter afternoon, I finally have! Wow, everything I expected.
    One of the themes of my writing is the magic that happens when engineering meets art, and these videos showcase that so beautifully! So lifelike and organic. It makes me proud to live in a world that can produce such amazing artistry. πŸ™‚

    1. Wow, I feel kinda proud that I had something worthy of bookmarking – even if you hadn’t gotten around to it yet! πŸ™‚ I’m happy to re-provide them for your viewing pleasure!

      These kinds of things – people just doing creative stuff because they can and because it’s a ‘neat idea’ and it fires them up to experiment and make beauty – they impress me.

      I’ve been tagging these GOTS because while my story doesn’t exactly have kinetic sculptures, it has *something* made by a skilled craftsman/artist who works with beauty and weirdness and magic. Yay!

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