an autumn greeting


I’m learning to use image editing software (taught by the skillful Frauke, whose website is here) and this was what I came up with for the first exercise – obviously pretty simple, some text and a photo I took last week.

I think it turned out rather nice and in the spirit of “beautiful and bountiful” here’s an unsigned version for your use.

Just right-click on the image, download it (or “save as”) and then use it as an e-card, send it as an attachment, or post it on your facebook page.

Honestly, who couldn’t use a little more beauty in their day?



** if you’re south of the equator I also send my best spring wishes your way πŸ™‚ **

4 thoughts on “an autumn greeting

    1. Felicia, Thanks for the compliment! Chestnuts are pretty new to me – I still don’t know how to tell the trees that produce edible ones from the inedible – but it doesn’t matter so much, since they both drop these gorgeous looking nuts on the forest floor where I can take pictures of them.

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