Well, THAT was a massive bungle

for which I sincerely apologize.

If you’re thinking, “what?” then count your lucky stars you missed out on a flood of posts from yours truly.

I installed a plugin that I thought would just import my Pinterest pins to my media library!! Instead it posted them.    All.       822 of them (more or less, but that’s bad enough, right?).

Kind, kind thanks to Felicia who sent me a worried email because she thought my website had been hacked.

Nope, just bungled.

There are, I think, seven of you who subscribed to updates directly through WordPress via email. To you in particular, I apologize for essentially throwing a stack of magazine clippings, a case of post-it notes, handfuls of receipts with scribbles on the back and unintelligible to-do lists into your email inboxes.

I will work hard to not let that happen again!

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