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front yard renovations

I’ve refrained from watering the front lawn for two years – in spite of that, it’s managed to not be totally killed. Go Bermuda grass!

Problem is, I don’t want grass, I want edibles and medicinals and things that smell good and feed pollinators – so the project that’s been taking my time lately has been planning the removal of the lawn and its replacement with fun native and mediterranean perennials (a list too long and something only another plant-geek would love, so I’ll not put it here), some productive trees (olive, jujube and maybe a plum, also pineapple guava) and some small earthworks to keep rainwater from the roof on site as long as possible.

As soon as I can, I’ll put Before & After pics up. Right now I only, obviously, have the Before set and they’re┬áless dramatic on their own. At least I’m hoping that’s the case – fingers crossed that I’ll be able to pull an attractive design together that doesn’t create an inhospitable mess for all the plants!