Embrace – documentary trailer

Amdo, Tibet

Scene from Garjed – from the film, Embrace

Embrace (2011) documents the ritualized relationship of an Eastern Tibetan (Amdo) community engaged in tantric practices, and the land that supports them. Engaging the deities of local mountains and the spirits of water and weather, a father and son share their yogic understanding of the state of their environment as a reflection of consciousness-in-place.

Embrace (Trailer) from mpimmg on Vimeo.

Directors: Dan Smyer Yu and Pema Tashi
Producer: Dan Smyer Yu
Pre-production ethnographic work: Dan Smyer Yu
Film type: documentary
Length: 55 min.
Nominated for an award at the First Beijing International Film Festival in 2011.
Filmed with: Red One

For more details, including a synopsis and reflections on the filming of Embrace, please see my blog post on the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Ethnic and Religious Diversity webpage.